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What Does It Mean to Switch to Solar in Texas?

What Does It Mean to Switch to Solar in Texas?

No matter where you live, installing solar panels on your property can do you a lot of good. That said, homeowners in Texas get to enjoy a few unique benefits when they switch to solar, even without going totally off-the-grid.

Reduced or Eliminated Reliance on the Texas Power Grid

The Texas power grid is known for being overtaxed. The state’s frequent power outages are notorious for causing a whole host of damages, from having to throw out all the food in your fridge to not having heat during cold winter nights. The consequences of those power outages range from inconvenient to outright dangerous.

One of the biggest benefits of installing solar panels in Texas is the chance to get some freedom from the state power grid, whether that means disconnecting from it completely or just reducing your dependence. The type of residential solar energy system you choose for your property will determine your on-grid vs. off-grid options.

During major power outages, having solar power can help protect you and your family from the difficulties and dangers of living without electricity. Plus, when more Texans install solar panels, it lowers the strain on the power grid. This makes switching to solar a great way to protect your neighbors.

Improved Roof Protection and Longevity

Repairing or replacing a roof is a project that costs more money than any homeowner ever wants to spend. Sun exposure can do all kinds of damage to roofs that causes them to deteriorate quickly. The sun also bleaches and dries out shingles, making them brittle, which just increases the risk of cracks forming. With most homes, these damages are unavoidable because of sun exposure over time.

It’s not just the sun that can create problems on your roof. When the temperate fluctuates really quickly, it can damage your roof. It’s most common during the summer months when high daytime temperatures drop rapidly at night. The change from hot to cold to hot again causes your roof to expand and contract. This will weaken your roof over time, warping its shape and creating cracks.

Texas homeowners have to deal with roof damages from sun and heat more than most, which is one of the reasons solar is so great for Texans. When you mount solar panels on your roof, they absorb the sunlight that would’ve damaged your shingles otherwise and they create a current of cool air between the panels and the roof. The current helps your roof stay cool even on hot summer days. Having solar panels on your roof means less damage over time, saving you from the expensive headache of repairing your roof. The roof protection that solar panels offer is one of the most underrated benefits of installing a residential solar system.

Freedom the Run the AC on High

Texas is the fourth hottest state in the US. The climate in the Houston area is what’s known as subtropical with tropical influences. This is what gives Houston that dense humidity that it’s so well-known for, making those hot days feel even hotter. To comfortably get through the Texas summers, air conditioning is a necessity. Unfortunately, running the AC all summer long is not only unaffordably pricy, but it also has a strong negative impact on the environment.

One of the best things for homeowners who switch to solar in Texas is the freedom to run the AC on high without thinking twice about it. Solar energy dramatically lowers your utility bills, especially if you pay your solar provider a fixed monthly amount year-round. The environmental benefits of solar energy offset the damage caused by air conditioning, so you can stay comfortably cool, and guilt-free.

Working With Sunisland Energy

Sunisland Energy is a Houston-based solar energy company. We offer solar installation services throughout the greater Houston area. Sunisland Energy was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to reliable and affordable energy solutions. Our solar experts work with clients to find solar energy systems that meet their home’s unique needs at prices that fit their budgets. To learn more about switching to solar with Sunisland Energy, schedule your free consultation today.