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How to Evaluate Solar Installation Companies Near Me

How to Evaluate Solar Installation Companies Near Me

With 204.8 clear or partly cloudy days in an average year, Houston has ample chances for you to capture the sun's power for energy. To start, you'll need to find a solar installer to partner with in the area. Discover the criteria you need to use for evaluation beyond searching Google for "solar installation companies near me."

Reliability and Quality Solar Panels

If you have lived in Houston since 2021, you've heard about the freeze from Winter Storm Uri and the multiple power outages that it caused across the state. Houston reached a frigid 13 degrees Fahrenheit at the coldest point of the event. With many people across the area not having power, keeping warm in homes with electric heating became difficult.

Solar panels are a way to ensure that your home has power for at least a while. Plus, you have greater independence from the spikes in energy prices that can occur. For instance, the wholesale price of power during Winter Storm Uri reached $9,000 per megawatt hour. Some customers had electricity bills in the thousands of dollars after the event. If you have independence from the grid with solar panels, you can avoid such problems.

When choosing solar installation companies, you want to choose a business that offers reliable installation to ensure that the panels will work when needed. Look at the values of the solar installation companies you want to compare. Do they put the customer first? Do they have confidence in their work? If you will rely on your solar panels for power, you need to find a company that is reliable in its standards, work ethic, and installation.


Solar power is no longer only for the rich, and yes, they are worth installing in Texas. Anyone should be able to afford solar panels for their home. However, not all companies offer affordable rates. Find a company that works with your budget and helps you to pay as much or less than your monthly electricity bill for solar panels. Some people save up to $1500 a year in electricity costs by having solar panels installed.

Installation Process

How long will the installation process take? You should have clarity in the steps of the installation process before choosing a solar panel installer. Additionally, the installer should customize the project to your home's needs instead of trying to meet a quota. With a simple, three-step process that includes an assessment, matching, and installation, Sunisland Energy helps you get only the solar panels that your home needs quickly.


Availability is important. If a local installer does not have time to schedule a visit with you, they may delay the installation of your solar panels for months. Find an installer who is local and has teams ready to come to check out your home and install solar panels.

Company Values

Company values make a difference in customer experiences. You should find a solar installer that values the environment, helps everyone to afford solar power, and has exceptional customer service. Sunisland Energy team has values that include:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Interdependence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • World Class
  • One Love
  • Confidence
  • Gratitude

Values drive the way the company interacts with you. Wouldn't you want a company that values respect and gratitude to install your solar panels?

Make Sunisland Energy the Conclusion of Your Search for "Solar Installation Companies Near Me"

With Sunisland Energy, you have a team of reliable installers who outfit your home with solar panels to help you wave goodbye to power bills. Start now and get a free quote for solar panels on your Houston home.